Issus de L’immigration

If you listen to far-right politicians, you’ll think this immigrant wave means, inevitably, an onslaught of Islamic puritanism that will challenge European ways and force every woman to dress like a Taliban bride. But then you realize that many of the men and women jostling around you on the Marseille sand are from African and Arab backgrounds, and that the young women are wearing bikinis, not burkas.

Marseille’s Melting Pot

An interesting article on how geography and urban planning may have influenced the relatively greater stability of the immigrant community in Marseille.  It touches a bit on the over blown nature of the Right’s narrative of the  islamisification of Europe. I would have liked it if they had gone more into the political and social dynamics due to this also being the region most heavily populated by the Pieds-Noirs; which contributed greatly to  the south switching from being a bastion of Leftism to the domain of the National Front.   


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