Conley Becomes Christian, Miscellanea


Little Conleth’s baptism this past Saturday evening.

The short sale process officially began on our old farm this week. I haven’t been back since I packed the last of our stuff, now the better part of a year since. This season makes it a little sad. The lambs would be new, frolicking in the grass. The chicks would be in the brooder, growing and feathering out. We would have our seed order in, out of the new heritage seed catalogue.

All of this, being the old season of new life, and a baptism to reinforce this, has been giving me the garden itch again. Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll have the energy to get the garden going in time for this summer, but I am setting up this weekend to prepare for chickens. With the number of raccoons and dogs in the neighborhood, their coop will have to be Fort Knox. I miss the birds mightily, and their eggs even more.


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