Technical Writing Makes Me Sleepy

In conjuntion with working on increasing my hours at the office, I’ve spent the last two weeks writing specifications for prestressed precast concrete reservoirs with steel diaphragms, among other things. Hundreds of pages of technical reading coupled with equally mind-numbing technical writing. I’m not sure who it was who decided that technical and legal writing needs to be coma inducing, but if I ever recover enough to become a principle engineer, I will make it a point to try and make it my mission to find a way to write clearly, concisely and pleasantly.

This has killed my desire to write and read for pleasure, so posting will likely remain sparse until I finish some time next week. I have managed to get fifty or so pages into Christ the Conqueror of Hell, and have not found it so dry as I had been warned, perhaps by virtue of comparison to work related material (but then I have read +Hilarion’s work before, and so had some idea of what I was in for).

Tonight I am going to carve out an apple for use as a hookah bowl and pretend I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Yes it’s gimmicky, but I broke my real bowl the other week. And if you aren’t Slavic and don’t smoke hookah, you’re not a real Orthodox anyway.

So I leave you with some math related French electronic music, featuring Sebastien Tellier.


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