Islamic Opiates

Is Iraq Killing Hundreds of Emo Teens?.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the US government’s project in the Arab world is an attempt at fusing religious fundamentalism and capital/neo-liberalism, on the American model. Don’t worry about your standard of living, power and clean water, we have some Christians, suspected homos and rebellious teens to stone. The only so called “freedom” they are concerned with is that of unrestricted bourgeois class power.

I think this just came about in the Iraqi context, but since has provided a model that we are exporting to “Arab Spring” states and our non-Arab Islamic neo-colonial state. One can see how it was imposed rather easily on Egypt, by forming a military-bourgeois-islamicist alliance and giving the islamicists enough time, prior to holding elections, to guarantee the defeat of the liberals and socialists who ran the popular revolution.

“Opiate of the masses” indeed.


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