Damned If I Wouldn’t Go To Church On Sunday

While listening to this song this morning, my wife commented that she wished we could get away with this.

We also practiced the “unlocked door and a loaded burglar alarm.” We always had a loaded rifle on the bookshelf, which freaked out a few of our house guests over the years, along with the fact that we never locked the doors and let them know they didn’t need a key. At one point our house keys were missing for the better part of the year.  It was kind of strange when our car got broke into at the new place. Well, not really “broke” since we didn’t lock the doors. We just were not use to the practice – someone would have to have been pretty damn high to walk onto our property in the night.

It was similar to the first time someone followed me home after a fit of road-rage. I had to walk out and cuss at the guy. It use to be that they would just keep driving when they saw our street.

Ah well, there definitely are perks to living in a nice neighborhood in the city.


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