Moreover, Death fell down to the feet of Christ, and Christ carried him away, and the Devil who had been a rebel became a captive. Christ made Amente to quake and the power of the Devil he turned backwards. Death heard the voice of the Lord as he cried unto all souls: “Come forth, O ye who are bound in fetters, O ye who sit in the darkness and shadow of death, on you hath the light risen. I preach unto you life, for I am Christ, the Son of God.” Then he set free the souls of the saints, and he raised them up with Him.

And earth itself cried out, saying: “Spare me, O Lord. Free Thou me from the curse that is on me. Remove from me the wickedness of the Devil. Thou hast held me to be worthy of having Thy Body buried in me, in the place of the Blood, which was poured out upon me, in order that Thou mightest raise men from the dead. Thy glorious image is spread abroad in every place. Except Thyself, when Thou utterest Thy words, no one shall resist Thy commands; but it was Thy love which compelled Thee to come to the beings whom Thou hast made. Take Thou, then, man, the deposit. Take Thou Thine image, which Thou hast committed as a pledge to me. Take Thou Adam, being complete in his likeness.”

Then Christ rose from the dead in the third hour of the day, and he took the saints with him to the Father; now all mankind shall receive salvation through the death of Christ.

For one was judged instead of all men, and salvation and mercy [came] into the whole world. Moreover, one died in order that all might rise from the dead. And the Lord died on behalf of everyone, in order that every one should rise from the dead with Him. For having died, he put man on himself like a garment, and took him with him into the heavens, and man became one of one with him. He took him as a gift to his Father.

-Coptic Homilies in the Dialect of Upper Egypt


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