Possible Homosexual Sympathizers Beats Rape Coverup

And so the spin begins…

I’m not going to get too into the OCA scandal here. Not out of piety, but simply because I expect this sort of thing out of people in power, and find it generally uninteresting. Hero worshippers are always bound for disappointment.

The one comment I do want to make is about the monstrosity of the culture warrior crowd. All of these penis, anus and vagina obsessions are, in essence, anti-human. Real victims, victims of rape, receive no sympathy in the singleminded pursuit of rooting out the suspected homosexual. There is no moral outrage at real crimes, only with regard to the imaginary “sodomite” lurking in the shadows, plotting against their Great White Hope.

Another example of this insanity is on the AOI blog, where Jacobse is calling for temperance in the comments, declaring his intent to delete any speculation on Met. Jonah’s misdeeds. Really? On the very same blog which makes unsupported, unfounded, claims of the synod’s supposed “gay agenda”?

The point that has to get their goat, more than any other, is that the “gay guy” was on the right side of this dispute. The one they so “righteously” persecuted, to the point of outing on an anonymous blog, was the moral one.



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5 responses to “Possible Homosexual Sympathizers Beats Rape Coverup

  1. gzt

    I didn’t think there was anything that could surprise me here, but I am surprised at the Monomakhos reaction to this. First, I am surprised that the first reaction is, “Oh no, poor Metropolitan Jonah,” rather than, “Oh no, poor rape victim.” Well, that one isn’t so surprising: nobody likes rape victims, especially in the patriarchy. Second, I was surprised that somebody could read that and still defend Met. Jonah so vigorously AND demand more information to substantiate the allegations. It just boggles the mind that somebody could read that and not see that it was eminently reasonable to get that man out of office at least until the investigation ended – either by giving him a leave of absence until the investigation was over or having him resign. Hey, those were the options offered and the guy resigned.

  2. 123

    If “Homosexual Sympathizers” Beats “Rape Coverup”, then what beats “Homosexual Sympathizers” in this OCA version of Paper-Rock-Scissors? “Secret Family”? “Multiple Illegitimate Children”? “FSB/CIA agent?”? What about in the GOA or the AOCANA? Is there an Episcopal Assembly-wide version of the game we should all be aware of?

  3. Lvka

    Apropos homosexuality… are you a flamer ? 🙂

  4. Elf Himself

    Good grief, you read AOI? Masochism, or penance?

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