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Utopias, Shigalyovs, Lotharios and Suffering

I think I am coming to terms with the fact that I may be destined to be both naturally conservative, or traditional, or likely, a nostalgist, and yet a Socialist. I love the small things, the old songs, the old traditions, the family. Not the mere nuclear family, the Dobson family, or what have you, but the whole of a family, the family that extends into the past and is broad, deep and abiding, neck deep in vice and virtue. How ever rare such a family may be, both in our time and in ages past, it is beautiful when it happens.

I am a Socialist because I see Capital crushing and leveling the small, the old, the family. I am convinced that in the world to come, the socialist ideal is the closest we have imagined to how it will be. Some say that is utopia making, that we cannot achieve it in this world, in this time. To a certain extent I agree, but we need utopias and ideals. Can we achieve socialism? I think not. That does not mean we should not strive intensely to get there. To emulate that ideal and get as close as we can. Liberty, equality, brotherhood. Is that not half the Gospel? How we are to relate to each other?

I agree with Dostoevsky’s criticisms of utopias, when those utopias are the visions of men imposed on his fellow man. I despise both the slavemaster Capitalist and the bleeding heart Liberal who would tell us all how to live. Ayn Rand is as guilty as any Shigalyov. No, my dear Chesterbellocian, Socialism is not about the State owning the means of production, controlling the lives of it’s subjects. Socialism sees the State fading away. The land, the water, the air, all that is contained in it and the tools of production that are brought forth from it, are the creations of God and are His handwork, and are the common inheritance of all mankind.

So, yes, I believe in a “traditional” family, or rather, the Christian ideal of the family, which rarely exists. I believe in all of those surrounding tropes of heterosexuality and per-marital abstinence, and so forth. Yet, I believe those beliefs, the old moral teachings related to sex, are used by those who would destroy us. A liberal Christian might point out that Christ rarely spoke about sex, to make the point that perhaps it doesn’t matter. I don’t say that. It does matter, but that same argument does lend some perspective to how much it matters in the grand scheme of things, which is probably very little. Especially in relation to caring for the suffering. That is the true test of an ideology, and dare I say, a Church, a parish: how do they care for the suffering? I have been to parishes where they drive out the suffering, barring those rare types who can smile while their lives are torn asunder.

One of my best friends is a man who has a weakness for the ladies. He is open about his sin and will call it that, “my sin.” Which he rightly notes that we all have, in one form or another. Once another friend told me that the ladies’ man needs to decide who he is – the faithful Orthodox Christian or Lothario. I think not. My favorite definition of kitsch is “the absolute denial of shit.” And kitsch is from Satan himself, dear readers. Especially a life lived as kitsch. That is why our Monsieur Lothario is one of the few real and true Christians I have ever met. The shit is right there for you to see. Not reveling in it, just letting it be there and so. Being Christian isn’t hiding your vices from the eyes of the world. It isn’t policing other people’s bedrooms. It is to love both God and man, to try and be better, to care for the suffering, and God knows the world is filled with enough of them.

Some Anarchists like to say, “No kings, no gods.” I like, rather, “No kings but God.” However trite that might be, and even if I am a secularist.



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Χριστός ἀνέστη!

Remember Mr. Angry?


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Big Country Sky

Camping season is coming on soon. I am now counting the dwindling days until  I will fill the ice chest with beer, chorizo, bacon and BBQ beans, throw it in the tent trailer, hitch it up and head on out to Joshua Tree. There’s nothing like the desert in the spring. Strap on the hiking boots, listen to nothing but the wind and forget about the world.

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Damned If I Wouldn’t Go To Church On Sunday

While listening to this song this morning, my wife commented that she wished we could get away with this.

We also practiced the “unlocked door and a loaded burglar alarm.” We always had a loaded rifle on the bookshelf, which freaked out a few of our house guests over the years, along with the fact that we never locked the doors and let them know they didn’t need a key. At one point our house keys were missing for the better part of the year.  It was kind of strange when our car got broke into at the new place. Well, not really “broke” since we didn’t lock the doors. We just were not use to the practice – someone would have to have been pretty damn high to walk onto our property in the night.

It was similar to the first time someone followed me home after a fit of road-rage. I had to walk out and cuss at the guy. It use to be that they would just keep driving when they saw our street.

Ah well, there definitely are perks to living in a nice neighborhood in the city.

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A Dress

A dress Val made for Gwenny, as part of a set of St. Patrick’s Day themed outfits she is making for the three children. Though they are going to a silly St. Patty’s Day outfit party, Gwenny’s had to be pretty, since she is fashion conscious and refuses to wear anything she does not deem princess worthy.  Luckily Val has an eye and talent for such things.

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